Monday, April 18, 2016

'Mysterious' Gigantic Creature Dancing Underwater Caught On Film, Puzzles Everyone


It's been known to us that there are still thousands of undiscovered sea creatures hidden at the very bottom of the ocean's floor and experts says that most of them might be pretty terrifying.

This creepy video, shot by some underwater drillers was the living proof that those terrifying creatures do exist and will bring you second thoughts in  dipping in the sea again.

As seen on the video below, the creature briefly comes into frame before disappearing. But just when the camera operator things it has disappeared for good, the creatures comes back for a thorough visit.

At first you will think that it's just a mere plastic bag dancing in front of the camera, but as the video continues, the 'thing' became wider and wider in size.

According to some scientists, “large blob” swimming slowly toward the camera is the rarely seen jellyfish known as depstaria reticulum, a jellyfish from the Ulmaridae family first discovered in 1967 by F.S. Russel. The invertebrae is usually found in the South Atlantic ocean.

The said video puzzled a lot of netizens and became viral with over 6.8 Million views.

Avoiding these creepy creatures was probably the main reason why our ancient-ancient ancestors chose to live on dry land.

Source: IFL Science