Thursday, May 26, 2016

Girl Videotaped Her Own Suicide After 'Virtual Boyfriend' Left Her

Suicide is a very serious issue and no matter the circumstances, it should never be taken as a joke.

A Mexican girl videotaped herself taking her own life after an alleged boyfriend she met online broke up with her without giving her a chance to see him personally.
Gabriela Hernández Guerra had been dating an Ecuadorean guy known only as Julio for months.

However, Julio felt their relationship was not working at all so he broke up with the 22-year-old florist.

Gabriela didn't take it too well and began posting selfies picturing her with tears in her eyes and looking upset and sad.

Her last post was a disturbing picture of herself with a sheet tied up around her neck, tears in her eyes, a smile on her face, and a worrying message that read the following:

"Goodbye to all, I don't have anything now, I don't have anything. Julio I love you, never forget it. I'm leaving with a smile because you made me very happy while this lasted. To my family, I ask for your forgiveness. Love, Gabi."

Her death later created an insensitive Twitter hashtag that says: "#MeMatoComoGabriela" or "I will kill myself like Gabriela did" which suprisingly became a trend in Mexico.