Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WATCH: Netizens Terrified After Teenager Broadcast Her Suicide Live on Social Media

A teenager took her own life in front if live broadcast minutes after apparently naming an ex-boyfriend she said had raped her.

Horrified viewers of Periscope, a website which lets individuals broadcast live via mobile devices - could only look on while the unnamed 19-year-old threw herself on a railway of a suburban train station south of Paris, on Tuesday afternoon.

Watch her video below:

Local prosecutors said that the girl sent a text message to her ex's boyfriend before committing suicide, saying she would kill herself because he raped and abused her.

The brunette with long hair and brown eyes stage-managed the run-up to her death by telling Periscope followers to tune in at 4pm to hear her revelations.

Despite pinpointing her location via the application, police and rescuers could not get to the station in time to save her life.

The teenager's mobile phone is currently with the Police and an autopsy of her body will be carried out the next few days.