Saturday, June 25, 2016

Man Rushed To Hospital Due To EXTREME Stomach Pains, Turns Out He Was About To Lay 9 EGGS


A stomach-churning video showing a man laying 9 eggs directly from his anus is currently circulating on social media.

The unidentified man was first rushed to a hospital by a co-worker after complaining severe stomach pains while at work.

Unable to tell the cause, he was brought to a nearby hospital for further testing but what the doctors found out was beyond shocking.

Watch the video recorded by one of the witnesses.

According to the ultrasound, the pain was due to a labor-like feeling because the man was about to lay not one, not two, but 9 eggs.

No details have been given about the kind of egg it was, other than being obviously round and white.

Whether it really is a natural phenomenon or a plea for an instant fame, it's up to you now to ponder about it.