Saturday, June 18, 2016

This is the Royal Family Who Really Owns The Philippines


Though it was not written in history books, the Philippines and other islands composing the "Land Of Maharlika" were allegedly owned by only one royal family, the Tagean-Tallano Clan.

The Land of Maharlika was composed of the Philippines, Borneo, Guam, Marianas Island and Hawaii, and was ruled by a certain King Luisong Tagean (later changed to Tallano for fear of Spanish execution).

Other territories that were said to be paying tributes to the Maharlikan Kingdom include:

- Da Nang – Vietnam,
- Hong Kong,
- Taiwan,
- Kuril Islands

Watch the documentary below:

King Luisong ruled the entire kingdom from Luzon [named after him], the northern part of what is now known as The Republic of the Philippines.

When the British defeated the century long reign of Spaniards. They sign the Treaty of Paris to stop the war and sell the Philippines worth of $20 million. Don Esteban Benitez Tallano is the one who paid for it with his US gold coins. That time, Titulo de Compra was converted to Torrens title in which one title would be above it.

Many of the most popular and reliable personalities in the field of Law, Politics, and Governance are said to have witnessed the ownership of our beloved Philippines.