Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wife Shot Husband To Death After Catching Him Naked On Bed With Their Nanny


This is the heart-wrenching moment a cheating husband was shot by his enraged wife after catching him cheating with their children's nanny.

The wife whose identity was not known rushed to their house one night to see her husband naked on bed with the nanny on his side.

As he tries to explain, the wife suddenly grabbed a pistol under her shirt and immediately shot the man and threatens the other woman.

Check out the intense scene below:

This terrifying scene was all caught on film as it was one of 'The Cheaters' episode, an American TV show that exposes what appears to be stories of infidelity.

In every episode a suspicious spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend turns to the show to  learn whether their loved one is having an illicit affair

The show's private detectives will then follow the suspected cheaters, and when they've got the goods, the host together with the spouse,moves in for a dramatic and sometimes violent confrontation.