Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Young Mother Dies After Undergoing Breast Enlargement Operation


A 25-year-old mother of one has died after undergoing a breast enlargement operation in Shenzhen, southern China, earlier this month.

The woman referred to as Ting Ting decided to undergo surgery after being told during her consultation that she had a 'small breast syndrome' and small eyes. She was then scheduled to receive an eyelid operation along with a boob job.

Ting Ting first underwent the surgery on her eyelids under partial anesthesia around 10 in the morning. More anesthesia was then added for her breast enhancement surgery.

However, during the surgery, her pulse dropped, followed by her blood pressure, according to the doctors. She was then given adrenaline but her heart stopped.

Ting Ting's next in kin was told of the news at 5 p.m. which enrages them as she had been dead for quite some time already.

The clinic has since taken full responsibility for the woman's untimely death and plans to offer compensation. All of the staff involved were fully registered and certified.

The health supervising authority in Nanshan District of Shenzhen said that they are currently investigating the case.