Thursday, July 7, 2016

Husband Left Shocked After Seeing Dead Wife Asking for Help on a Live TV Show


A Moroccan husband who was still in a  grieving state was more than shock to know that his dead wife appeared on a popular TV program.

The woman supposedly died after a violent car crash two years ago and the man himself buried the body he took from the hospital that very same day.

Abragh Mohamed recalled how they were involved in a accident nearly two years ago which left his wife fatally injured. He immediately brought her to a hospital for treatment before leaving her to get some cash at home.

Upon returning, he was told that her wife didn't survived and gave him a body already wrapped in shroud so he buried her that same day. After two years since that unfateful day, his friend phoned him telling him that his wife appeared

The “widower” wasn’t watching at the time but was informed by his friends that his “dead” wife was a caller on a TV show that reconnects loved ones who have lost touch.

It is not yet known whether the couple has reunited. But different theories surfaced online why it took two years for the woman to reappear. Some says that she may not have been killed in the accident but lost her memory.

Others suggested the husband may have been given the wrong body which he later buried which means the hospital’s incompetence should be blamed for the switch.

Source: Kickerdaily