Saturday, July 2, 2016

Man Loses His Genitals After Trying To Rape Woman Wearing 'Anti-Rape Condom'


A man lost his manhood after attempting to rape a woman who at that time was wearing an anti-rape device.

Michelle Kingston says she was walking home from work in the afternoon on Sunday when a man identified as Ronald Steadway jumped out of a side alley and grabbed her with a knife on his hand.

However, karma took its toll on the 38-year-old suspect the moment he penetrated his victim.

A device inserted on Kingston private part sliced his genitals with 6 razors in one clean sweep. Steadway fell to the ground screaming in agony, which gave Kingston the time to run and call police.

The suspect was taken to the hospital where his genitals was surgically removed.

RapeX was invented by an African woman in hope to protect vulnerable women from being raped.

The device is basically a female condom with teeth lining the inside. Those teeth are angled so they allow penetration, but bite like a shark as the penis is removed, causing so much pain that it will give the woman a chance to escape.