Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Doc Willie Ong Tells Netizens To Not Call Anyone "Psychopath" If You're Not A Doctor


Doctor Willie T. Ong, one of the health correspondents of 'Salamat Dok' tells netizens that not every one has the right to call someone a "psychopath" especially without any medical examination or basis.

On his Facebook post that immediately went viral, Doc Willie said that only 1% of the total human population are proven to be real psychopaths.

He also listed the traits and characteristics of a person considered as psychopath.

1. No sympathy to others
2. Lack of emotion
3. Irresponsible
4. Charming and talented in deceiving people.
5. Always Overconfident
6. No plans for his/her future
7. Selfish
8. Violent

“Ayokong mapahiya ang bansa at kapwa Pilipino na hindi natin alam ang ibig sabihin ng Psychopath,” Doc Willie wrote.

A couple of days ago, actress Agot Isidro drew mixed reactions from netizens after calling President Rodrigo Duterte a psychopath for his latest tirades against the European Union and the United States.

While some netizens supported Isidro for voicing out her opinion, others lambasted the actress because of her post.

Check out Doc Willie's original post here.