Friday, November 25, 2016

Clumsy Doctor Accidentally Pulls Baby's Head From It's Body During Delivery


An excited pregnant Missouri couple rushed to the hospital early Morning of March 2011 to deliver their first born. However, the day they thought would be the greatest day in their lives turned out to be the worst nightmare they will never ever forget.

The expecting parents, Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette, lost the baby, Kaden Travis Ammonette, during delivery that ended in tragedy.

The resident obstetrician of St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, separated the baby's head from his body during delivery and then shoved the newborn back into the mother and performed an emergency C-section to cover up the ghastly blunder, the couple claims in a lawsuit.

Back in February, the couple met with Dr. Susan Moore, who informed them that the child should be delivered by Caesarean birth, due to its exceptionally large abdomen.

At the time of the birth, however, Dr. Gilbert Webb, reportedly pressured the couple to deliver vaginally after he refused to perform the operation, despite earlier advice from Moore to deliver via C-section.

The baby's body allegedly became stuck inside the birth canal due to the size of his abdomen, after the head and one arm had been delivered successfully. When Webb attempted to apply traction to the child’s underarm and head to dislodge him, he allegedly removed the head from his body.

The doctor then tried to cover up the boy's wounds before handing him over to his parents. The couple accused the group of wrongful death and negligence and is seeking unspecified damages.