Sunday, November 27, 2016

WATCH: Billionaire's Only Son Spends Inherited Wealth To Buy Hot Girlfriends

A couple of videos of an allegedly Chinese Billionaire Son making out with pretty women is now making its rounds online.

Chen Shan is the only son of a billionaire father who reportedly was the richest real estate investor in Meizhou, China and a Turkic speaking mother.

Unfortunately, his father died early this year for unknown reason. This made Chen the sole heir of his father's extreme wealth.

Watch below how Chen spends his wealth on expensive cars and one-night stand with girls:

Chen has some rare conditions affecting his appearance. He has anemia, congenital enlargement of liver and spleen, jaundice and developmental problem which is the reason why he cannot undergo plastic surgery despite of his crazy wealth.

On some of his video, he always boast his wealthy life showing expensive cars and making out with beautiful and sexy ladies who, according to him, he's paying a lot of money just to have intercourse with him.

According to him he doesn't need a proper appearance to attract women, naturally they will come to him. He'll just pay them and he had his 20 girlfriends.

Source: Minion Scoop