Friday, November 25, 2016

WATCH: 'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' Episode 4



Inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea's first collection of unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who captures and releases a mermaid, this drama tells the love story between the son of a Joseon noble family named Dam-ryeong (Lee Min-ho) and a mermaid named Shim Chung (Jun Ji-hyun).

Shim Chung finds herself transplanted to modern times. She is caught by Heo Joon-jae, a charming but cold con artist who is the doppelganger of Dam-lim. But in the present time, Joon-jae works with Jo Nam-doo (Lee Hee-joon), a skilled conman who guides Joon-jae to become a genius scammer. Co-incidentally, Joon-Jae’s junior, Cha Shi-ah (Shin Hye-sun), who works as a researcher at KAIST, may be Shim Chung’s only hope for surviving in her strange new world.

For those who haven't watched the latest episode (4) yet, watch it below:

We're back in modern Seoul in "The Legend of the Blue Sea" episode 4. There's a news report about a criminal and we saw Sung Dong Il's character in the CCTV footage in the news. He was also shown currently working as a construction worker.

Source: iTech Post