Friday, November 25, 2016

Wife Shames OFW Husband and His Alleged Mistress After He Stops Sending Financial Support


Not all men cheats but those who does cheats for all sorts of reasons.

Recently, another married man was put to shame after his wife posted his photo with the help of some netizens, claiming that he's been cheating on her for over a year now.

According to the wife, her husband became an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in United Arab Emirates two years ago to support their child.

However, their marriage was rattled after he stopped sending financial support without notice. What's worse was when she found out that he was demoted from his job and was already living with his mistress.

And now's the time for her revenge by exposing him on Facebook, mentioning his name and the other woman as well.

Extramarital affairs is against the Sharia Law of the UAE and if their secret relationship will be exposed, they could face detention or even death.

Source: Coolbuster