Thursday, December 8, 2016

Complete List of Proposed Crimes To Be Punished By Death Penalty

The bill restoring the death penalty passed a major hurdle in the House of Representatives with its approval at the committee level, paving the way for the measure to be taken up on the plenary floor.

With 12 members approving the proposed measure and six against, the Justice Committee approved on Wednesday the bill reviving capital punishment on heinous crimes, including illegal drug activities.

Under the proposed measure, three methods may be used in executing the death penalty — hanging, firing squad or lethal injection.

The following crimes will be punishable by the proposed death penalty:

Photo courtesy: CNN PHILIPPINES

During the deliberations, lawmakers explained their positions as some comments turned personal.

"Kung kayo ay naniniwala sa Diyos, ako rin naniniwala sa Diyos [If you believe in God, I also do believe in God]. But I cannot leave our country defenseless against heinous crimes," Deputy Speaker Fredenil Castro, one of the bill's co-authors, said.

Majority of the members believe criminals are beyond rehabilitation and capital punishment would help prevent heinous crimes.

However, other lawmakers who were against the death penalty tried to block the bill's passage.

The majority leader said the issue will be debated when the bill is taken up in plenary next week before the Christmas break.